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Welcome to Abyssinia Law Research Works

Whether you have just published your first article or you've already published dozens of scholarly works, sharing your research is an essential part of scholarly communication.

We Lawyers (as a law student or practitioner) worked hard researching and writing our latest article and our Graduation Thesis. We have valid findings that deserve to be made known and will help others.

Abyssinia Law Research is a digital collection of open access scholarly research publications from different Universities. Abyssinia Law collects, preserves and makes freely available publications including peer-reviewed articles, working papers and conference papers created by different researchers. Where material has already been published it is made available subject to the open-access policies of the original publishers. This service is maintained by Abyssinia Law.

The benefits and advantages of sharing our research with Abyssinia Law:

  • Establish yourself as an expert in your field
  • Increase citations of your work
  • Help share research output
  • Connect with others who share your interests and increase opportunities for scholarly collaboration
  • Influence others by sharing your ideas

Abyssinia law provides researchers with statistics outlining how many times items are viewed and downloaded. Participation in Abyssinia Law Research also helps to ensure that publications are more visible and highly cited.

Share Your Research with Abyssinia Law

Consider creating an account with Abyssinia Law and then Upload Your Scholarly work by clicking on 'Upload Your Research' link at the top of the Navigation Bar. 

Please upload only your research work not others work. 

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Liku Worku

Liku Woku is a founder and administrator of Abyssinia Law. He graduated From Mekelle University with LLB (2007) and the University of London with a LLM in Advanced Legislative Studies (2012). Currently, he is a consultant and attorney at law. Before joining the advocacy world Mr. Liku worked as a Draft Person and Public Prosecutor at Ministry of Justice and Part-time Lecturer at Addis Ababa University. As a founder of abyssinialaw he is responsible for the development of free access to Public legal information.

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